Al-Hiraa Manpower Consultant

Al-Hiraa as a company is specialized in man power consulting, providing human resources to companies mainly in the region of the ‘Middle East’ like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Yemen and more.

Skilled People

Skilled Personals can apply for Technical and Mechanical jobs, Back Office job, Hotel staff (halal services), Drivers, operators, Security Guards, Electricians, AC Technician, Mason, shuttering, Carpenters, Bar bender, Welders, Plumbers, Pipe fitters, Rigger, Scaffolder, Safety Officers, Engineers, Instrument Technician etc.

Unskilled People

Unskilled people don't go empty handed from our organisation. We make sure they get their desired job for financial freedom. Similar to skilled personals work, we have room for unskilled personals too. They can apply for Mechanical Helper, Civil Helper, Gardeners, Office Boys, Cleaners, Dish washer, etc.

Recruitment statement

Our Recruitment Procedure


First Step

Connect With Us

Companies can connect with us through call or email to discuss
their manpower requirements.


Second Step

Shortlisting Candidates

We start shortlisting the candidates from our verified data bank, digital
marketing and other activities.


Third Step

CV Submission

We submit the vetted CV's to the HR Manager of the company for
final approval.


Fourth Step

Scheduling Interview

We schedule interviews with HR managers of companies and
coordinate the process.


Fifth Step

Visa, Medical & Other Formalities

We provide complete assistance with visa, ticketing. medical and
other formalities.


Final Step

Flight & Job Onboarding

We ensure that your flight and compliance is complete and you
start working at the company.

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